Inclusion: tools,
paths and perspectives


The Giustino Fortunato Telematic University of Benevento (Italy), the Department of Political Science at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (Italy), the Atlántico Medio University (UNAM) of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), the Corporación Universitaria Reformada di Barranquilla (Colombia), the Higher School for International Linguistic Mediators of Benevento (Italy), and the Uniforjob Academy of Benevento (Italy) aim to foster a debate on the theme of inclusion, in its various declinations, in relation to the modifications of the social, political, legal, economic, and technological context characterizing the current age.

In a world marked by rich diversity of perspectives, culture, and identity, inclusion becomes the fundamental cornerstone for social, economic, and cultural progress.

In a world marked by a rich diversity of perspectives, cultures, and identities, inclusion becomes the fundamental cornerstone for social, economic, and cultural progress. The objective of the Call for Papers is to stimulate reflection among experts, encouraging them to analyze current challenges and devise innovative strategies and concrete solutions aimed at creating more inclusive societies. Here, equality and diversity are celebrated as fundamental resources for global progress.

We solicit papers in the following areas, but other related areas may also be considered:

  • Social and educational inclusion;
  • Education and training for inclusion;
  • Social inclusionmechanisms for businesses;
  • ESG factors and inclusionmechanisms;
  • Financial inclusion;
  • Financial education;
  • Accessibility and technologies;
  • Fiscal policies and welfare state;
  • Gender management;
  • Legal profiles of inclusion;
  • Inclusion of ethnic and cultural minorities;
  • Social cohesion and personal wellness.

Scholars intending to participate in the conference are required to submit an abstract in English, which should not exceed 1,000 words, via email to The deadline for submitting abstracts, to be prepared in accordance with the template available at, is June 20, 2024. The Scientific Committee will review the submissions and communicate the acceptance by June 30, 2024.

In case of acceptance of the abstract, the authors will confirm their participation in the conference, again by email to be sent to by 15 July 2024, also the deadline for paying the registration fee.

Those who also intend to participate in the publication must deliver the final version of the document, written in English and not exceeding 10,000 words (bibliography included), by email to be sent to, by 10 December 2024 .

The conference will be held in Benevento, at the headquarters of the Giustino Fortunato University, on 22 October 2024, in person and online. Speeches can be held in English, Italian, French or Spanish.


The papers, in English, will be published with an international publisher, edited by the Giustino Fortunato University, with anonymous peer review of each contribution.


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