Aviation Management

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1500 hours



Diventa uno studente.

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Aviation Management – a.a. 23/24

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1500 ore – 60 CFU

The Giustino Fortunato Telematic University establishes, for the Academic Year 2023/24, the First Level International University Master’s Degree Course in “Aviation management”, pursuant to Art. 3, paragraph 9, of Italian Ministerial Decree No. 270 of 22 October 2004 and subsequent amendments/integrations and in accordance with the First and Second Level University Master’s Regulations.

Today’s aviation industry offers many exciting career opportunities. As air transportation systems become more sophisticated, airlines are in search of professionals who can meet the sector’s needs with an optimal blend of academic knowledge and aviation skills.

The Master’s program of study delves into the application of modern business practices to the unique challenges faced by aviation companies. The course work combines training in economics and traditional management with an understanding of the distinct characteristics and specificities of the aviation industry. The curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of strategic decision-makers in aviation management and allows flexibility for specialization in various fields of air transport.

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